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Objective 1Increase equitable funding and support for culture, especially in historically underserved communities Objective 2Cultivate inclusive practices in the cultural sector
Strategy AEncourage affirmative and inclusive employment and programmatic policies among DCLA granteesActions
Action 1Conducted, in partnership with SMU DataArts, a cultural workforce demographic survey of 65 cultural organizations that yielded 7,000 responses to set a benchmark understanding of the sector's diversity and inform diversity and inclusion efforts.
Fiscal Year: 2019 | $65K
Occurrence: One-time
Action 2Required all CIGs to submit action-oriented diversity, equity, and inclusion plans with measurable goals by April 2019.
Fiscal Year: 2019
Occurrence: Ongoing
Action 3Added new questions addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion to the CDF application for consideration in the grant evaluation process along with support and feedback provided for future applicants in seminars.
Fiscal Year: 2019
Occurrence: Ongoing
Action 4Launched Community Organizing 101: Engagement Tactics for Cultural Organizations, a course that introduced 30 cultural organizations to strategies for sustained engagement with historically marginalized communities.
Fiscal Year: 2019 | $61.76K
Occurrence: One-time
Action 5Convened, in partnership with Future Works Institute and the Ford Foundation, 300+ cultural organizations for trainings on unconscious bias.
Fiscal Year: 2018
Occurrence: One-time
Action 6Co-hosted, with the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities, workshops for the NYC: ATWORK initiative for members of the CIG and CDF grantees to increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities in the cultural sector.
Fiscal Year: 2018
Occurrence: One-time
Strategy BExpand pathways to and advancement in careers in arts and culture for students from underrepresented communitiesActions
Strategy CCultivate inclusive employment policies within the Department of Cultural Affairs Actions
Objective 3Strengthen connections between the cultural sector and government Objective 4Address the affordability crisis for the cultural community Objective 5Provide high quality arts education for all New York City public school students


Cultural Institutions Group (CIG)

A 33-member group of cultural organizations located on City-owned property and receiving significant capital and operating support from the City.

Cultural Development Fund (CDF)

The Department of Cultural Affairs’ annual grant-making process for New York City's nonprofit arts and cultural organizations.

Fiscal Year (FY)

The New York City budget cycle starts on July 1 of a given year and ends on June 30 of the following year.


An action that occurred in the stated fiscal year.


An action that was initiated in the stated fiscal year and repeats for a finite number of years.


An action that was initiated in the stated fiscal year and occurs annually without a defined end date.

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