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Objective 1Increase equitable funding and support for culture, especially in historically underserved communities
Strategy AIncrease the City's funding for cultural organizations, especially those in historically underserved neighborhoodsActions
Action 1Set aside additional $1.5 million in Mayoral funding for arts education programs. This includes $375K to fund another round of the NYC Arts in Education Roundtable Emergency Relief Grant program, doubling the investment DCLA made in this fund last year as a way to support the hard-hit arts educator community. The remaining funding was used to increase grant support for 91 cultural groups providing arts education services in SIAP and TRIE neighborhoods.
Fiscal Year: 2022 | $1.5M
Occurrence: One-time
Action 2Directed additional $5.1 million to 645 CDF groups working in underserved communities, including 33 priority neighborhoods established by the City's Task Force of Racial Inclusion and Equity (TIRE), as well as neighborhoods identified by the Social Impact of the Arts Project (SIAP).
Fiscal Year: 2022 | $5.1M
Occurrence: One-time
Action 3Launched a range of new, equity-based reforms to the Cultural Development Fund (CDF) focused on increasing access to public funding for cultural organizations across the city, including greater recognition of historically marginalized communities, increased minimum grant size, and recruitment of review panelists who reflect the diversity of New York City.
Fiscal Year: 2022
Occurrence: Ongoing
Strategy BIncrease funding for individual artists, especially those from underrepresented communitiesActions
Strategy CExplore changes to the Department of Cultural Affairs' grant programs to offer more flexible and multi-year supportActions
Strategy DImprove cultural access for historically marginalized groups of artists, audiences, and cultural workersActions
Action 1Awarded additional funding to 51 NYC-based nonprofits as part of the CreateNYC Language Access Fund in support of programming that increases access to arts and culture for those whose primary language is not English.
Fiscal Year: 2022 | $510K
Occurrence: One-time
Action 2Awarded additional funding to 50 NYC-based nonprofits as part of the CreateNYC Disability Forward Fund in support of programming that deepen engagement in the arts for people with disabilities as artists, cultural workers, and audience members.
Fiscal Year: 2022 | $500K
Occurrence: One-time
Action 3Administered $2.8M through City Council's SU-CASA initiative, which supported virtual arts engagement programming for older adults across the City.
Fiscal Year: 2022 | $2.8M
Occurrence: One-time
Action 4Administered $5.5 million through City Council's Coalition of Theaters of Color, which supported 65 organizations run by and serving people of color to improve access to culture for historically marginalized communities.
Fiscal Year: 2022 | $5.5M
Occurrence: One-time
Action 5Funded 24 capital projects at cultural organizations across the City to improve the physical accessibility of their facilities.
Fiscal Year: 2022 | $14.364M
Occurrence: One-time
Strategy EFund energy expenses at cultural organizations, and provide technical support to organizations to lower their environmental impactActions
Action 1Funded 28 capital projects at cultural organizations across the City to help reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.
Fiscal Year: 2022 | $41.726M
Occurrence: One-time
Strategy FLeverage private resources to advance funding equityActions
Strategy GSupport more opportunities for temporary and permanent art in public spaceActions
Action 1Completed, in partnership with ArtBridge and New York City Housing Authority, 50 temporary public art installations amplifying the stories, cultures, talents, and histories of NYC's public housing residents as a part of Bridging the Divide exhibition. The project is funded by City Artist Corps, a $25 million program created by DCLA and the Mayor's Office to provide relief to New York's arts community and reinvigorate arts and culture as part of the City's recovery from the pandemic.
Fiscal Year: 2022
Occurrence: One-time
Action 2Launched the Public Art as Community Engagement (PACE) pilot program utilizing artist-led temporary art, convenings, and interventions as tools for deeper engagement around public art projects. The first conversation series explored the history and legacy of the Lyons family.
Fiscal Year: 2022
Occurrence: Ongoing
Objective 2Cultivate inclusive practices in the cultural sector
Strategy AEncourage affirmative and inclusive employment and programmatic policies among DCLA granteesActions
Strategy BExpand pathways to and advancement in careers in arts and culture for students from underrepresented communitiesActions
Strategy CCultivate inclusive employment policies within the Department of Cultural Affairs Actions
Objective 3Strengthen connections between the cultural sector and government
Strategy ACreate opportunities for dialogue and partnership between the City and cultural organizations to address the needs of diverse communitiesActions
Strategy BInclude arts and culture in the City’s neighborhood and resiliency planningActions
Strategy CLeverage Cultural Affairs' support to open new pathways to other public funding and resourcesActions
Action 1Launched the first-ever MFTA Citywide Tour, distributing free art and office supplies throughout the five boroughs, targeting areas that might have a harder time accessing transportation to MFTA's warehouse in Long Island City.
Fiscal Year: 2022
Occurrence: Ongoing
Action 2Materials for the Arts offered high end and casual clothing donated by the film, media and entertainment industry to the Administration for Children's Services (ACS), asylum seekers in NYC, and children and families in shelters.
Fiscal Year: 2022
Occurrence: Ongoing
Action 3Materials for the Arts partnered with the DOE's Office of Sustainability to collect items no longer needed at schools, to prevent them from going into landfill, and offered the items to others schools in need.
Fiscal Year: 2022
Occurrence: Ongoing
Action 4Materials for the Arts offered additional free field trips to Title I schools in the 5 boroughs to promote Creative Reuse and environmental sustainability to NYC DOE schools.
Fiscal Year: 2022
Occurrence: Ongoing
Strategy DUse existing communication channels to promote nonprofit and for profit cultural offeringsActions
Strategy EHelp artists and cultural organizations navigate government rules, regulations, and permitting for working in public spaces
Objective 4Address the affordability crisis for the cultural community
Strategy ASupport living wages for artists and cultural workers
Strategy BPreserve and develop long-term affordable artist workspace and housingActions
Strategy CPromote the inclusion of cultural facilities in City-led developments Actions
Strategy DSupport alternative models for artists and cultural organizations to acquire and operate affordable property and share resources
Strategy EWork toward safe and open environments for artist-run, DIY, and alternative spacesActions
Objective 5Provide high quality arts education for all New York City public school students
Strategy AStrengthen high quality, diverse, and sequential art, culture, and science education for every child in New York City public schools from pre-K through 12th gradeActions
Action 1Set aside 20% of $350 million in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Academic Recovery funding for schools to increase arts education for students' academic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. This $70 million supported arts education residencies, teacher professional development, supplies/materials/equipment, and student arts programs in every NYCDOE school.
Fiscal Year: 2022 | $70M
Occurrence: One-time
Action 2Hired 73 new full-time certified art teachers to provide comprehensive arts instruction to NYC public school students.
Fiscal Year: 2022
Occurrence: One-time
Action 3Increased arts education funding for public schools by $124 million from the previous year to $553 million total.
Fiscal Year: 2022 | $553M
Occurrence: One-time
Action 4 Continued a pilot serving children birth to 2 years old and their families at selected NYCEEC, NYCHA, and Head Start sites, leveraging creative arts experiences for parents, family members, and their youngest children.
Fiscal Year: 2022 | $40K
Occurrence: One-time
Action 5 Funded a sixth year of PreK Create, offering 200 educators and site directors a virtual professional development program to provide arts-rich learning and play experiences for Pre-K and 3K students.
Fiscal Year: 2022 | $674K
Occurrence: One-time
Action 6Administered $541,000 through City Council's Art A Catalyst for Change initiative to 14 organizations to provide arts-based programs in public schools with the objective of reducing gun violence in communities.
Fiscal Year: 2022 | $541K
Occurrence: One-time
Strategy BExpand access to arts education for Multilingual Learners and students with disabilities, including professional development for educators and teaching artistsActions
Action 1Arts Partnership Grants provided direct arts education services to students focused on multilingual learners, students with disabilities, and family engagement. Grants were limited to schools whose grants were cut short due to school closures in March 2020 for Covid-19. Grants were awarded to 180 schools to work with 53 arts and cultural organizations.
Fiscal Year: 2022 | $3.163145M
Occurrence: One-time
Action 2Expanded a pilot for Multilingual Learners and Arts supporting visual arts and music learning.
Fiscal Year: 2022 | $50K
Occurrence: Ongoing
Action 3Continued and expanded a professional learning series to support arts teachers in association with the Compendium for Arts and Students with Disabilities.
Strategy CConnect DOE schools to local cultural organizations to bring culturally resonant and culturally responsive STEAM curricula to studentsActions
Strategy DCoordinate cross-agency efforts to expand free and affordable after-school arts and cultural programs citywideActions
Action 1Administered $14.9 million through City Council's Cultural After School Adventures (CASA) initiative, which supported 158 organizations to provide free cultural after-school programs.
Fiscal Year: 2022 | $14.9M
Occurrence: One-time
Strategy EBuild in-depth, multi-year partnerships between arts and cultural organizations and the Department of Education to provide training for teachers and administrators and to educate students using experiential and new learning modelsActions


Cultural Institutions Group (CIG)

A 34-member group of cultural organizations located on City-owned property and receiving significant capital and operating support from the City.

Cultural Development Fund (CDF)

The Department of Cultural Affairs’ annual grant-making process for New York City's nonprofit arts and cultural organizations.

Fiscal Year (FY)

The New York City budget cycle starts on July 1 of a given year and ends on June 30 of the following year.


An action that occurred in the stated fiscal year.


An action that was initiated in the stated fiscal year and repeats for a finite number of years.


An action that was initiated in the stated fiscal year and occurs annually without a defined end date.

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