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Objective 1Increase equitable funding and support for culture, especially in historically underserved communities
Strategy AIncrease the City's funding for cultural organizations, especially those in historically underserved neighborhoodsActions
Strategy BIncrease funding for individual artists, especially those from underrepresented communitiesActions
Strategy CExplore changes to the Department of Cultural Affairs' grant programs to offer more flexible and multi-year supportActions
Strategy DImprove cultural access for historically marginalized groups of artists, audiences, and cultural workersActions
Strategy EFund energy expenses at cultural organizations, and provide technical support to organizations to lower their environmental impactActions
Strategy FLeverage private resources to advance funding equityActions
Strategy GSupport more opportunities for temporary and permanent art in public spaceActions
Action 1Announced seven new monuments to honor women-identified trailblazers who made extraordinary contributions to New York City, as a part of the She Built NYC Initiative.
Fiscal Year: 2019
Occurrence: Multi-year
Action 2Launched City Canvas, a two-year initiative that permits the installation of art on temporary construction structures to improve the pedestrian streetscape and offer more opportunities for artists to present work.
Fiscal Year: 2019
Occurrence: Multi-year
Action 3Initiated four new Public Artists in Residence (PAIRs) within the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the Department for the Aging, the Department for Records and Information Services, and the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, to develop creative solutions to pressing civic challenges.
Fiscal Year: 2019 | $120K
Occurrence: One-time
Action 4Passed legislation to increase budget for Percent for Art projects for the first time since the law was established in 1982, to allow for larger commissions of permanent art and more artists per project.
Fiscal Year: 2018
Occurrence: Ongoing
Action 5Dedicated $10M to commission new public monuments of historically underrepresented figures over the next four years, in accordance with recommendations from the Mayoral Advisory Commission on City Art, Monuments, and Markers.
Fiscal Year: 2018 | $10M
Occurrence: Multi-year
Action 6Initiated four new Public Artists in Residence (PAIRs) projects with the Mayor's Office to End Gender Based Violence, NYC Commission on Human Rights, the Department of Probation, and Department of Correction, to develop creative solutions to pressing civic challenges.
Fiscal Year: 2018 | $120K
Occurrence: One-time
Objective 2Cultivate inclusive practices in the cultural sector Objective 3Strengthen connections between the cultural sector and government Objective 4Address the affordability crisis for the cultural community Objective 5Provide high quality arts education for all New York City public school students


Cultural Institutions Group (CIG)

A 33-member group of cultural organizations located on City-owned property and receiving significant capital and operating support from the City.

Cultural Development Fund (CDF)

The Department of Cultural Affairs’ annual grant-making process for New York City's nonprofit arts and cultural organizations.

Fiscal Year (FY)

The New York City budget cycle starts on July 1 of a given year and ends on June 30 of the following year.


An action that occurred in the stated fiscal year.


An action that was initiated in the stated fiscal year and repeats for a finite number of years.


An action that was initiated in the stated fiscal year and occurs annually without a defined end date.

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