The Cultural Plan

Additional Background Research

In addition to the robust public engagement, core to the plan’s development, the CreateNYC team conducted original research and discovery related to the arts and cultural ecosystem in New York City, trends and cultural plans from other cities, and federal trends in support. The following section contains additional reports, research findings, and maps to accompany the research in the plan. For a list of primary resources, a list of references can be found on pages 168-169 of CreateNYC.

Economic Analysis

Capital Budget Analysis
Commercial Real Estate Analysis
Residential Real Estate Analysis

Additional Maps

CIG Visitors between Boroughs
CIG Visitors between Boroughs- Brooklyn
CIG Visitors between Boroughs- Bronx
CIG Visitors between Boroughs- Manhattan
CIG Visitors between Boroughs- Queens
CIG Visitors between Boroughs- Staten Island
CIG NYC Community Partners
CIG School Onsite Visits Flow Maps
Engagement Events – By Participant
NYC DOE Annual Arts in Schools Report: Artist in Residence Programs
NYC DOE Annual Arts in Schools Report: Obstacles to Artist in Residence Programs
Rates of Patronage

Other Cultural Plans

Scan of other Cultural Plans

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