The Cultural Plan



We came into office with a simple idea: every New Yorker, in every borough, deserves to live in a strong, clean, and safe neighborhood that meets their needs. That includes providing all our residents with access to the incredible cultural life that has long defined New York City. Our unmatched cultural diversity can be seen everywhere you look – on sidewalks, in storefronts, and in our museums, theaters, and parks. We are proud to be known as the world capital of arts and culture, and if we are going to continue to live up to that title, we must use every available tool, including our extraordinary network of private, civic, and public partners, to ensure that every resident, in every neighborhood, has the same access to cultural opportunities.

CreateNYC is the first comprehensive cultural plan in New York City history. It provides a roadmap to lifting up the arts and culture across the city. This report outlines our strategy for achieving these goals, and I am proud to say that the voices and ideas of close to 200,000 New Yorkers informed the development of this comprehensive plan. From increasing resources for artists and organizations in neighborhoods that haven’t historically received equitable support, getting the word out about cultural offerings, or ensuring that the people who have opportunities to make art in the five boroughs reflect the diversity of our city, you told us what you wanted, and we are committed to realizing this vision.

We heard you loud and clear. New York has the largest local budget for culture of any city in America. Now, we also have a strategic plan to help the arts and culture grow across the five boroughs. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work.


Letter from the Chair
Cultural Plan Citizens’ Advisory Committee

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